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This mini album was recorded over two weeks in April 2014 .The aim was to make a fingerstyle album focused on lyrics, guitar and vocal performances. Hope you enjoy.


released April 18, 2014

Burning Wood Records copyright 2014



all rights reserved


Trevor Clawson Brighton, UK

Trevor Clawson is an Irish singer and songwriter, currently living and working in West Sussex. Described by Time Out as "One of the best songwriters around" he combines folk, blues and jazz guitar styles with narrative lyrics.

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Track Name: The Running Tide
The Running Tide

I fetched up in a harbour town and landed on my feet
There was money to be made back then, there was still a fishing fleet
But I didn’t have my sea legs so I took a job on Land
Pulling pints and eying waitresses in a pub down by the strand
I was a handsome blade back then, though I say so myself
You’d never find me waiting for too long up on the shelf
No prospects and no future, and some ghosts I had to lay
But I had a silver tongue and I could melt those hearts away
And oh the wind and rain
And oh the salt see spray
And oh the storm gathering in the Western Sky
And oh the running tide
Along the waterside
And the current that will wash you up and leave you high and dry

I met her on a Saturday I was working at the bar
She came in for a bite to eat took a seat beside the door
Can’t remember how it started but here’ s the way it ends
She takes my number, writes it down, we say we’ll meet again.
Now she didn’t tell me straight away that her man was out at sea
Hauling nets and losing sleep, north of Aberdeen
Back then I flew I pirate flag that didn’t mean a thing to me.
I took the prize he thought was his , and the plunder felt so sweet


I had a beat up 308, we’d drive to secret places
Thirty miles or so inland where no one knew her face
And she liked to ride the Waltzers and she liked to act the fool
And she made it easy for me by laying down the rules.
We don’t fall in love or lose our hearts or any of that stuff
This is a temporary thing and temporary’s quite enough
I’m not looking for a while knight or a love that’s pure and true.
I’m just looking for a good time ….That’s all you have to do.
Oh the wind and rain
But rules were made for breaking and hearts play tricks on heads
She started going crazy, said she’s leave the marriage bed
Then crazy turned into a plan an exit so discreet
She’d pack a bag I’d pick her up by the church on Harbour Street

But she didn’t show, I waited there for an hour or maybe more
I took a walk and heard some voice raised down on the shore
There was crying cos the news was bad, as bad as it could be
Ten souls were lost forever and a boat was lost at sea.
Then I drove down to the harbour, saw crowds done on the shore
I guessed the rest and after that I hardly saw her face
Funny in a small town she could vanish without trace.
I saw her on the street one time and tried to catch her eye,
But she looked away, then turned away and then she passed me by.
Track Name: Pentonville Road
We walked all the way from Angel to Trafalgar Square
Starting down the Pentonville Road
3.00am and a light rain falling
Not sensible I know.
Because we could have got a taxi or we could have got a bus
Should have got a lift from a a friend
But we walked from Angel to Pentonville Road
Because we didn’t want the night to end.

Underneath the lighthouse, past Kings Cross Station
Through St Pancras down to Russell Square
We talked about this and we talked about that
We were freezing in the morning air
And you talked about your mother, you sister and your mother
Talked about your father too
And by the time we made it to big museum
I’d lost my heart to you.

And ooooh… doesn’t get any better than this
And ooooh ….that’s the way that it starts
You find someone who catches your eye
Someone you might move some time
And you take a little walk outside
And the city is yours tonight
And you’re mapping it out in your heart
Getting close in a café in Old Compton Street
Until somebody said hey get a room
So we went outside in the neon light
And laughed by the light of the moon
And I didn’t have much money
And neither had you
But we bought ourselves a bottle of wine
We went down to the River
And sat by the water
Watched the cruise boats rolling by.

And I came to this city
Didn’t know anyone
And no one at all knew me
Now every street I walk has got a picture of you and a sweet, sweet memory

There was a park in the Autumn, sweet chestnuts fell
Crunching beneath out feet
Chinese women took them home for the pot
There was a café where we used to meet
There was phone box where I called you
All I got was a ringing tone
There was a windynight when we said goodbye
South Circular took me home
And hey….this is not a sad song.
Track Name: Barcelona Shoes
Barcelona Shoes
It’s a game I sometimes play
I imagine that you call
After twenty years of silence
Hey that’s no time at all
Because we pick up where we left off
Like it was only yesterday
It’s a game where I imagine
Exactly what you’d say
It’s a game of wishful thinking
A game in which we agree
That every road we’ve ever you and me
Leads back to you and me
But it’s a game of self deception
And it always ends the same
Me and bottle and photograph
As I wonder who’s to blame

Chorus 1
If I recall correctly it was you who bought the ticket
Caught a plane and took a chance on starting a new life
If I recall correctly it was you who rang the changes
If I recall correctly it was you
Who said goodbye

You wrote me such long letters
Real and from the heart
Said you’d found a place where we both could live
We should never be apart
A kaleidoscope of detail
As you described the sounds and streets
Adventures on a silver plate
Were waiting there for me
And I wrote back of course I did
My pleasure to reply
About TV shows I’d watched and liked
And records I would buy
And all of these mundanities
I laid my careful clues
I’d made my own life back at home
That was it for me and you

Chorus 2
And If I recall correctly it was me who made the promise
To follow where you’d gone and take a chance on a your new life
If I recall correctly it was me who broke the promise
If I recall correctly it was me
Who said goodbye
You sent me one last picture
You in Barcelona shoes
That you bought in a department store
In leather red and blue
You were arm in arm with someone who you didn’t choose to name
And your eyes were burning bright

And I know what you were telling me
With this picture that you sent
I’d had my chance and blown my chance
My currency was spent
You were moving on and catching fire
While I just caught the blues
And I’ve still got the picture of those
Barcelona shoes
Those Barcelona shoes
Those Barcelona shoes
And I’ve still got the picture of those
Barcelona shoes
Track Name: If By Chance
If you ever happen on this song
If ever you should happen on this song
If you should happen on this song or maybe track it down online
I’d like to say you got it right I got it wrong
You gave me something that I didn’t recognise
You gave me something that I didn’t recognise
It was plain as light of day you were all I ever needed
I didn’t see love standing in plain sight
I still don’t know what I was doing
I don’t know what was running through my mind
When I said goodbye without a reason
Was I lost
Or was I blind
I’m not asking you to reconsider me
I’m not asking you to reconsider me
There’s nothing to consider so just think of me of someone
Who sees all the things he didn’t used to see.
And they say that love is like a valley
You’re walking through, you don’t see much up close
You climb the hill and look back at where you’ve come from
And realise how beautiful it was
I hope you got the life that you deserved
I hope you got the life that you deserved
And that after I had gone, you found everything you wanted
I wish you all the good things in this world
Track Name: A Song Muddy Sang
It was 1969 and you couldn’t get much further
From the south side of Chicago if you tried
Cos there’s an Irish rain falling and I’m playing in the fields
And my mother’s calling out, hey come inside
And my sister Sue’s got a brand new record player
And a thing about those old time blues
And I’m eight years old hearing muddy through the wall
I don’t even know what I’ve been listening to.
It was a song Muddy sang that went around the world X3
All the way to my front door

Well my mother and my father didn’t care much for the blues
But they loved to hear those dance hall tunes
And in the days after the war, Glen Miller on the Radio
Was sometimes all you had to get you through
And it was 1953 when they fell in love
On the way back from a Church Hall dance
The sang each other songs, it was Bing and it was Frank
It felt just like a fine romance
It was a song bing sang, etc
Now it’s Christmas time in London and you’re leaving
Packing all your bags up and I’m grieving
But there’s a Cuban band practising somewhere on my street
Extemporising melody and kicking on the beat
And I’m dancing in the kitchen and the
Is at my feet
And this City’s full of songs and it speaks in tongues to me.

Now it’s 1939 in a street in Chicago and Ray’s the best piano man in town
But no one knows it yet and he can’t find a job so he’s
resting up to lay his burden down
And inside a bar there’s an Irish band playing
Banging out an old, old song
Ray hears that tune and he steals that tune
And puts it in a song of his own
It was a song Ray heard etc