Aunt Peggy Went to Nashville

by The Trevor Clawson Band



A Digital Single from the Trevor Clawson Band


Aunt Peggy Went to Nashville

Aunt Peggy went to Nashville in the spring of 65
From Belfast via Dublin and out across the sea
Touched down in Chicago, got on board a bus
Going 65 to Tennessee
And she looked out through the windows?
At the sunset and the dusk
And the cornfields stretching way beyond
And she checked into her hotel, and laughed out loud
And wondered how she’d ever go back home

Peggy went to Nashville, was hr first time overseas
Bought a red dress and a brand new pair of shoes
Went out walking down on music tow, tryin to see a famous face
In amongst the cowboy hats and boots
And she found herself some romance, beneath the Neon Lights
Sitting on a barstool on her own
And she checked into a motel with cowboy on her arm
And wondered how she’d ever go back home

Aunt Peggy went to Nashville where she found a brand new friend
Caught a bus to Memphis on a whim
Heard the blues out on the street, heard a gunshot in the park
Heard a preacher saying Lord forgive their sins
And she felt like she was someone else
And free for the first time
As she walked beneath the lazy southern sun
She went into a café, drank a coffee watched the sky
And wondered how she’d ever go back home


And when Peggy went to Nashville she was hitting middle age
But it’s not to late to start again not to late to turn a page

So Peggy went to went to Nashville then she came home again
And walked through Belfast City in the rain
And it was cold and it was lifeless and sky was black as lead
As she unlocked her door and went on in
And she thought about the one she had left behind.
Wrote his number down beside the phone
And she sat down on her sofa and watched the Lucy Show
And wonder why she ever came back home
And vowed that she would never come back home.


released August 24, 2014
Magda Taylor, Sax, Chris Davis, Mandolin, Gary Holder, Bass, Trevor Clawson Guitar & Vocals



all rights reserved


Trevor Clawson Brighton, UK

Trevor Clawson is an Irish singer and songwriter, currently living and working in West Sussex. Described by Time Out as "One of the best songwriters around" he combines folk, blues and jazz guitar styles with narrative lyrics.

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